Mauritz’z debut solo album. Released in 1989. Nominated for an OKTV award. 

This album was ironically never actually intended for commercial release. These were supposed to remain just “demo recordings” of songs, a fun project that Mauritz wanted to do having saved up some of his earnings as already one of the top session players in SA at the time.

After the completion of the mixes in 1988, Dave Subkleve (recording and mixing engineer on this album) played some of the tracks to a few of his friends working at Radio 5 at the time. On hearing these “demo recordings”, Rafe Levine, Chris Prior, Phil Wright and Barney Simon immediately loved what they heard. On hearing some of the tunes on radio, Benjy Mudie (head of A&R at Tusk Music), then offered Mauritz a licensing deal. 

Upon its release, Six String Razor gained significant support and recognition from the media, music industry and public, establishing Mauritz as a solo artist. This album was the first of its kind ever to be released by a South African guitarist at the time.